The SCM NEXT API is officially ready and live!

Check out the docs here:

You can tell if the API is running with this status here in the App.


The API compared to classic is 90% the same.

The biggest change is how content is retrieved from the API and how new article creator tasks are created.

You can even try it out in the browser right now!

Paste the following into URL section of your browser with NEXT running in the background.


api results

Getting content from the API

Now you must provide both the project ID and project keyword to retrieve cached content.

Previously you only had to provide the ID. With multiple keywords its necessary to provide both in NEXT now.

However, if you don’t provide any keywords, NEXT will just find the first available keyword with data.

Creating a new article creator task via API

Previously in classic the API would use the ‘bulkcreate’ call to make new article creator tasks. This has now been deprecated in NEXT.

Instead please use the new ‘duplicate’ api call instead.

It works roughly the same.

You still provide the ID of an existing task you want to duplicate, but now you can specify all the keywords it has to process via a JSON array.

For more details check out the api docs.