Whats New


2 updates in a 24 hour period. Yes we are keeping super busy tweaking and improving SEO Content Machine for you.

  • fix: Improved internal content filtering and changing how it calculates what the most important words are.There was a slight change to how SCM decides which words are important when filtering content it has downloaded. By default it used an exotic distance based word frequency calculation. This has been scraped and now it uses a simpler method that provides much more better and stable results.
    Previously for keyword like “dog training”, instead of the words “dog” and “training” appearing as the number 1 topic suggestion when using the T1C tool, it would show up with random other words.
    This change affects not only the filtering done by SCM when using the Article Creator, but also how the T1C filters content and finally what topics are suggested.
  • fix: Long google urls would cause status bar update in tier 1 content creator to disappear.
    When using non english searches, the T1C status bar would bug out. What happened was non english characters was getting turned into URL escape characters and this would create a string of more than 300+ characters in length. The status bar can only comfortably show ~100 characters before it would push out existing elements and suddenly the status bar would show nothing but a progress bar.
    This has been fixed now, so the status bar should not “disappear” because of long text pushing off status bar items.
  • new: You can cancel out of a wait time before it starts downloading Google content.
    This is a good change. For new users that install SCM the default is for the program to wait 30secs before each google request.
    Unfortunately, if you tried to “abort” the task during the waiting period you actually had to wait the entire 30secs. Now, SCM will correctly see that you aborted the operation and return early instead of waiting the entire amount.
    Don’t forget you can manually override the wait time between Google requests in the advanced settings part of SCM.