How backlink works for your site?

Do you have a great content in your website enough to have people to link on you? Do you want to have more link opportunities for your site?

How to get more backlinks?

There are some free backlink tools online which can help you find high quality sites for you. High-quality backlinks tell search engine crawlers that your page is present and have the information to offer and authority within your niche.

The list of backlinks will then show and you select what type of backlink you will use.

Go to backlink landing page, enter a domain or a URL.

Select what type of query you want to run, then click the search button.

Here are some things to prove how backlink works.

Three main options

  1. URL – this report will pull backlink information ONLY for that specific URL.
  2. Domain/* – this report will pull backlink information for that domain EXCLUDING subdomains.
  3. *Domain/* – this report will pull all backlink information for that domain, including any subdomains. This option will typically give you the biggest backlink count number.

Here is how backlink report should look like.

backlinks report

This report will show domain scores, the total number of backlinks and how many of them use follow and nofollow links, the number of referring domains, like .edu and .gov backlink count, and lastly the number of organic traffic a domain and URL receive.